Bolts Juniors - boys age 5 to 10

Bolts Juniors Programs Ages 5 to 10

Juniors Programs for boys ages 5 to 10 are conducted in all of our regions.  Click below on the regions link (or above on the regional structure tab) to be directed to information for each region of the state where you can find details about all the juniors programs we currently have.


Junior Academy Philosophy & Program Details

Junior Academy Program

Regional training for Boys & Girls ages 5 to 10

One of the main goals of Boston Bolts is to develop youth players. Many experts agree that the most important soccer development occurs between the ages of 5 and 9. Unfortunately, many kids in those age groups don’t receive proper instruction. For this reason, we are dedicated to properly educating and developing players in this age range in what we call the Junior Academy.

Age Appropriate Learning Environment
In Junior Academy, our professional staff ensures that players learn the proper development skills; technical, tactical, physical, and psychological.  All players will be accepted and will train in small groups broken up by age and ability. No player will be "cut" from the program.  The primary focus at this level is the development of fundamental skills in a fun environment with the beginnings of structured team play. The Junior Academy aims to improve every player’s skills to achieve their maximum potential at their own individual pace. 

Building Philosophy through Implementation

Our curriculum emphasizes technique training intended to strengthen dribbling, passing, ball control, and creativity. Team play and spirit are fostered through group exercises. We also introduce the concept of “possession of the ball for a purpose,” helping young players learn that soccer is much more enjoyable (and effective) when their team keeps the ball and works toward scoring and defending.

Growing the Junior Academy

Players from the Junior Academy will serve as a feeder system into our Bolts boys NEP level teams.

Junior Academy Participation

All Junior Academy players (entry level players U10 and younger not assigned to teams) will have the option of joining for a portion of the year instead of the entire year. 

  • Sept to November - FALL program
  • January to Mid-March - WINTER program
  • Mid-March to end of May - SPRING program
  • Players may join for the entire year

Note: The level of activity is not consistent for the entire year; December and June/July in particular are a little less active than the other parts of the year.

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